Starting a Business in Nepal?

Apr 20, 2024


  1. Nepal Government is liberal on Foreign Investment and allows 100% foreign ownership in most of the sectors of economy.
  2. The investment rules and procedures of Nepal are simple and easy.
  3. The tax rates are relatively low (lowest in South Asia)
  4. The Export and Import Rules and procedures are open and liberal.
  5. Low labor costs and an Increasingly Literate Population gives global companies based in Nepal a competitive edge in the global market.
  6. About 63 minerals have been identified in Nepal so far (2010-2011) and the Himalayas are expected to have large reserves of limestone, talc and other industrial/construction minerals.
  7. The strategic location of Nepal not only offers unparalleled and preferential access to the China and India markets for bilateral trade and investments, but also provides the potential of Nepal acting as a transit hub which could facilitate increased trade in the future. 
  8. Nepal lies at a GMT time zone of +5:45, giving European and American countries the potential to have a 24 hour work schedule which can be vital in today's world of business and connectivity.
  9. Involvement in various multi and regional forums has provided Nepal with free and preferential access to international market.
  10. Yet many sectors are not explored giving vast opportunity to the investors to invest in.
  11. Nepal’s Population Density is very high making it world’s 41st most populous country.

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